Wondering Who I Am?

Well, as you may have read on the Home Page, my name is Leah Stallard and I have been an entrepreneur alongside my husband for over 20 years, so, in a nutshell, I know what works, and what doesn't. And that is why I started Stay Home Secrets— to teach you what I had to learn the hard way (and the expensive way)— so you don't have to!

StayHomeSecrets.com is where I support entrepreneurial parents who want to build a successful online business without a complicated operational plan or having to hire and manage other people. I do this by guiding them to proven money making strategies that are fast and easy to implement so they can have more time and resources to enjoy their hobbies, raise and educate their children, and donate to the causes they believe in.

I also own and operate two other websites in the homeschooling community.

Playing2Learn.com is where I show homeschool parents how to teach more effectively without any contention, whining, or complaining, by helping them discover and support their children's best learning preferences so they can become self-motivated, mission-driven adults with a world-class education.


HomeschoolMomsHub.com is where I support busy homeschool families as they provide a world-class education for their children without institutional limits or societal pressure, by offering encouraging, inspirational, and helpful articles, as well as comprehensive reviews for excellent educational tools and products, so they can beautifully and successfully educate each of their children.

If either of these sites can help you, I hope you'll check them out...

However, I'd venture to say that you're here because you want a successful, home-based online business, right? Well then...

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